Raise your security posture with AWS infrastructure and services

Locuz delivers a comprehensive cloud-native security for Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments, by providing advanced posture management, higher visibility, advanced threat prevention, and threat hunting. With AWS, you can increase your capability to achieve your main security and compliance requirements, such as data protection, data locality and privacy with our wide-ranging services and features.


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AWS Security Everywhere at Scale and Speed

Locuz provides Cloud-Native security, across your AWS multi-cloud cloud environment for broad visibility and protection against threats. Our unified cloud native security services includes security posture management, network security, workload and API protection, cloud intelligence, threat hunting and threat prevention.
Our secure cloud services provide control and visibility into private clouds and simplifies compliance. With a Secure Cloud approach, you can defend sensitive information from theft, unauthorized exposure, or unapproved geographic migration to other data centers.
It is natively integrated with Amazon Security Hub, AWS Lambda functions, VPC Flow Logs, Amazon GuardDuty, CloudWatch, and over 50 Amazon AWS services and security solutions.


Automating DevSecOps in AWS

DevSecOps approach to cloud security requires detailed planning that might even demand cultural change in an IT environment, especially for security automation and configuration of cloud assets.
It is best to embrace the principles of DevSecOps and shift security and compliance into development. In the world of digital business transformation, developers rule. Information security must shift its focus from solely looking at runtime security enforcement to integrating security policy enforcement throughout the continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.


Implementing DevSecOps in the Cloud

The following six factors decide the success of DevSecOps implementation in a cloud environment.

Code Analysis

Continuous improvements to software mean revisiting code, which also reflects in code analysis, quality assurance and delivery cycles.

Automated Testing

Automated testing minimizes efforts and also saves time. As a key aspect of DevSecOps process, automated testing makes the testing process easier through easy execution of repeatable cases.

Change Management

Linking teams and making them aware of each other’s operations, wherever required, is an important aspect of change management. Keeping developers informed about security-related activities helps in timely address of existing and possible vulnerabilities.

Compliance Monitoring

Compliance continues to play a key role in an organization’s growth path as part of corporate governance. Regulations help in the creation of code and also in modifying the source code. This helps in real time at times of audit.

Threat Investigation

Threat investigation is important to defining the security readiness of any organization. It’s important for organizations to have a close and continuous watch on discovering possible threats, regular security scans and code reviews to address security challenges.

Our approach to AWS Cloud security

We provide a layered security approach that addresses Hybrid IT infrastructure as a whole & our Security Lifecycle Services rests on three strong pillars – People, Processes, & Technologies. Together, these provide for a secure access for your business applications across all security relevant data sources & coupled with intelligent analytics we can Detect, Investigate, & Respond by overcoming silos. We Design, Deploy and Manage Cyber Security architecture and use AWS ecosystem to bring Artificial Intelligence based analytics.

Infrastructure security

DDoS Protection & Response. Data Encryption. Deployment & configuration Security.

Identity & access control

Authorized users, groups or applications. Granular policy enforcement. Federated logins. Privileged Access Management & MFA.

Security monitoring & analytics

Incident, Risk & Threat Management. Centralized Log Management. Investigation & Forensics.

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance frameworks such as PCI, ISO 27001, HIPPA, GDPR. Compliance Automation. Compliance Reporting & Audit.

Strategic Security

Locuz helps you build efficient infrastructure for your applications, which are highly secure, high-performing and resilient. World-class security experts who monitor our infrastructure also build and maintain our broad selection of innovative security services, which can help you simplify meeting your own security and regulatory requirements. Our security services and solutions are focused on delivering the following key strategic benefits critical to helping you implement your organization’s optimal security posture