Science, Engineering and Big Data

Reimagined with modern HPC, ML & AI

20 Years of building some of the largest systems for solving Science & Engineering problems to dealing with insights for Businesses in their Data Lakes - all are coming together in ways that needs to be reimagined with modern computing techniques and tools for data driven strategies

Data Engineering

Unlock your Digital Transformation with our Data First solutions

Automating Data pipelines and Engineering it for solutions promising Business Transformation led by Cloud Technologies combined with our years of expertise finding insights across business use cases.

HPC Clusters - Science & Engineering

Time critical and resource demanding workloads

CFD, FEA, Molecular Modeling, Reservoir Simulation or Risk Management, we have build clusters for all use cases using myriad of resources from Parallel filesystem to CPU/GPU/FPGA removing every possible constrain to deliver faster outcomes at lower costs.

High Performance Computing

Purpose build solutions from the leaders

From assisting post genomics research to eliminate blindness, to working with scientists in critical space mission; you are assured to be with team of experts that have build most modern and optimized HPC Clusters on-premise, cloud and hybrid.

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High Performance Computing

It wasn’t very long ago that high-performance computing (HPC) was almost always thought as a technology for the research institution, government sector, or maybe even for a hand-picked few largest of corporations. The ability of these super-complex and super-fast machines to process humongous sets of data....

Shared Responsibility on Cloud

The rapid adoption of cloud simplifies infrastructure maintenance but also introduces new approaches to addressing security. CIOs and Security Experts need to recognize this and incorporate stringent measures to ensure that the organization’s IT infrastructure is safeguarded at all levels....

The Need For Cloud Center of Excellence

A successful cloud migration is not just having a right migration strategy, it requires more than that. It needs a centre of excellence framework to align each and every department and employees. Every organization with a large presence in the cloud must have a CCoE (Cloud Center of Excellence) team....

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