Microsoft Azure is a leading cloud service providers with wide range of services portfolio in both private and public cloud. It is an open cloud, offering access to their preconfigured services and the facility to use the technologies you want and have already invested in. Microsoft Azure provides a cohesive set of IaaS and PaaS capabilities, counting on technologies such as AI and machine learning, DevOps, analytics, IOT (internet of things) and security, all of which match and integrate with on-premises systems.

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Locuz is a Cloud Productivity and Cloud Platform partner to Microsoft, with more Microsoft Certified Professionals on Azure, we help you exploit the ever-expanding power of Azure cloud services. Speed, scalability, economics, data, analytics, AI, cognitive services and more, all from one provider, optimized just for you.

AZURE Cloud Services - Life Cycle Approach


AZURE Cloud Migration Approach

We help clients evaluate which applications should be moved to the cloud, and when, by providing a practical roadmap and scalable methodologies for moving large legacy application portfolios to AZURE. For selected workloads we will install, migrate, configure, integrate & enable IT to run the applications in the AZURE Cloud.



Evaluate current platforms and find their best match platform in Azure


Create a roadmap for migration


Provision SLA-backed connectivity into Azure using Microsoft ExpressRoute/Site-Site VPN Gateway to form Hybrid cloud.


Migrate workloads to Azure either as-is, or rebuilds, on a case-by-case basis


Validate the successful migration of workloads, set up backups, and set up monitoring using built-in tools such as OMS or tools of customer


Help manage the new Azure environment

AZURE Cloud Managed Services

We provide ongoing support, administration and optimization of your AZURE Cloud deployment with defined SLAs, to maximize application performance and minimize operational costs.

Cloud management services for AZURE includes

•  Availability Monitoring
•  Performance Monitoring & Fine Tuning
•  Administration & Trouble-shooting Support
•  Change Management of Role Based Access Control (RBAC) Administration for AZURE
•  Report submission

Workloads/ Use case includes

Active Directory: Deploy and Manage Secure Identity services using Active Directory Services across Azure and on-premise
SQL Server and Storage: Provision & Migration of SQL server from on-premise to Azure
Enable and Manage Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure: Capacity optimization between Azure and On-Premise Infrastructure

DR on Azure

•  Setup Azure DR for On-premises workloads running on ESXi, Hyper-V, and Physical nodes
•  Easy Failover and Failback
•  Using ASR, achieve single location for replication, failover and recovery

T&D Environments: Manage rapid deployment and shutdown of development and test environments for application projects.

AZURE Cloud – Workload support


Disaster Recovery

•  Orchestrated Disaster Recovery as a service(DRaaS) using ASR (Azure Site Recovery Vault)
•  Simple, automated Protection

Storage and Backup

•  Integration with Object Based Scalable Storage Integration & Backup with Storage Gateway from Onpremise to Cloud, Cloud to Cloud, Exchange, SharePoint & File Server Backup

DC on Cloud

•  Extending Enterprise Workloads in High Available & Scalable Architecture to Cloud


•  Architecture and Implementation of Azure SQL Data Ware house, to process large data
•  Azure Data Lake designed for organizations storing large data


•  Architect High-Performance Computing Workloads to effectively Auto Scale
•  Azure offers scalable, pay-as-you-go high-performance computing
•  PAAS making it easy to run large-scale parallel and HPC applications in the cloud

Test & Dev

•  Flexible Test & Dev Environment On Demand in minutes
•  High fidelity dev-test environments
•  Visibility and tight control on usage of